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Keep sending us your feedback because it is being heard and the Parks & Recreation Department and Commission are being very responsive!

Compo Beach was the main agenda topic for this meeting so a lot of news here.


 To reiterate from an earlier posting/email,  there are no fee increases on beach passes/emblems for 2019. Passes/emblems went on sale this month already. No fee increases were presented to the RTM or Selectmen for approval. If you have heard rumors of fee increases on beach passes, they are simply not true.


-The walls for the South Beach Bathrooms will begin construction soon. Both the bathrooms and the South Beach Boardwalk should be ready by Memorial Day.

-Mobi Mats- A Mobi Mat is planned for South Beach for the beginning of the season. This is in addition to the one on East Beach. A second Mobi Mat is possible for later in the season on East Beach.

-Shade- Many residents have asked for additional shade trees on South Beach  at the tree cluster, and a shady sitting area at the playground. A tree planting project will take place on South Beach after the boardwalk is complete. The playground area requires some design/study, which is underway.

-New Lockers- Design is underway and prototypes will be set up this summer for public comments.  


-Parking/Safety- Parks & Rec and Westport Police have studied 2018, including data from a traffic flow monitoring device. Parks & Rec staff will be increased on South Beach Thurs-Fri-Sat to improve traffic enforcement. and parking control.  Police will improve parking violation monitoring. Day passes will change to hang tags versus dashboard for greater visibility. Staff will focus on enforcing prevention of safety issues like glass on the beach.


- Day Passes- Held to 100/day. However, Compo will resell a pass if a car holding a pass exits. Net, a maximum of 100 day pass cars in the lot at any one time (day pass cars still cannot leave and return without paying again).

-Boogie Boards- This is not the official wording, but versus before when only allowed on South Beach, will now be allowed on East Beach as well "at the discretion of the waterfront director"  who is in the lifeguard shack.  As in if the beach gets too crowded or if  someone uses these devices inappropriately they may be asked to stop or to move or something like that.

-Play on the Beach-  Summer 2018 began with zero play on the beach. After feedback, a play area between two flags was added. For Summer 2019, there will be three large play area where athletics, balls, frisbees etc. will be allowed between the flags. The other areas, are no play, no balls/fribees etc. and that will be enforced.  So choose your seat accordingly.

Overall, based on your feedback, the Friends of Compo Beach supports these changes.

We encourage you to attend the April 3 Board of Finance Meeting to speak in support of Compo Beach, and against returning to a time when the beach pass money was collected and sent to the town, but the beach budget was too low to enable proper maintenance, trash collection, and bathroom cleanliness.


1.We will continue to monitor the implementation of all of the planned improvements.

2. Email us with your photos, observations and  thoughts about the the conditions of Compo Beach.

3. Subscribe here and tell your friends.

4. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for news.

5. We will keep collecting your comments and providing them anonymously to the Town.

About Us



We Westport residents love Compo Beach!

Summer 2017 was one for the record books: record crowds, record traffic, record problems with garbage, bathrooms, bad behavior. We joined our voices and got the beach improved for  Summer 2018, now we want to keep it the crown jewel of Westport. 


Our Goals

1. Maintain reasonable crowd sizes

2. Do not back up traffic to the beach

3. Ensure parking for residents

4. Enforce rules for public behavior and courtesy

5. Ensure services such as bathrooms, trash cans, and boat ramps are working and accessible

6. Maintain  a safe, clean, environmentally sound beach


Our Action Plan

1. Meet with town leaders to raise our concerns

2. Provide them with feedback on any of their solutions

3. Organize residents to keep up our activity until issues are fixed

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Friends of Compo Beach

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Is this a political site?

No. This is a  non partisan initiative.

Can Weston residents join?

Yes. Weston residents have had long standing Westport beach privileges. This group has not been created to change that.

Are comments private?

Yes, your comments and email address are known only to the site administrator. Feedback will be shared to the town anonymously. This email list will not be shared with anyone.

Was Summer 2018 the end of the Process?

No! Compo Beach is a big revenue generator for the Town. It has not had enough of that revenue put back into it in the past to maintain it properly and it has been over stressed to generate even more revenue. We need to speak up and provide feedback ongoing.

Can we continue to send ideas?

Yes! Keep your thoughts and feedback coming!

How can we help?

Subscribe, spread the word, attend each Parks & Rec Commission Meeting and call/email to ask your RTM representative  to support the goals of the Friends of Compo Beach  


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