We're Back! Please  send us your thoughts and feedback , whatever is on your mind about Compo Beach. We continue to attend the Parks & Rec Commission meetings and provide your input. 

Not  a lot on the agenda tonight. 

Firstly, the big subject regarding the town beaches was an agenda item for discussion regarding banning smoking in all of its forms at the town beaches, beginning this season.

After discussing/getting input on allowing smoking in some areas (like the parking lots), it was decided that a total ban on smoking in the land (not on the water) occupied by the town beaches (generally once you pass through the permit gate) was potentially the preferred option.

At the next P&R meeting (March 18), the public will be asked to input on this subject.

A vote will be taken at the following meeting  April 15.

Secondly, an update was provided on the concession lease, the former leaseholder for Compo (plus the pool, and golf course) was Joey's. The Director is reviewing several applicants to take over the concession, and hopes to have them installed for the start of the season. No names were shared.


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About Us



We Westport residents love Compo Beach!

Summer 2017 was one for the record books: record crowds, record traffic, record problems with garbage, bathrooms, bad behavior. We joined our voices and got the beach improved for  Summer 2018, now we want to keep it the crown jewel of Westport. 


Our Goals

1. Maintain reasonable crowd sizes

2. Do not back up traffic to the beach

3. Ensure parking for residents

4. Enforce rules for public behavior and courtesy

5. Ensure services such as bathrooms, trash cans, and boat ramps are working and accessible

6. Maintain  a safe, clean, environmentally sound beach


Our Action Plan

1. Meet with town leaders to raise our concerns

2. Provide them with feedback on any of their solutions

3. Organize residents to keep feedback coming to the Commission

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Friends of Compo Beach

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Is this a political site?

No. This is a  non partisan initiative.

Can Weston residents join?

Yes. Weston residents have had long standing Westport beach privileges. This group has not been created to change that.

Are comments private?

Yes, your comments and email address are known only to the site administrator. Feedback will be shared to the town anonymously. This email list will not be shared with anyone.

Was Summer 2018 the end of the Process?

No! Compo Beach is a big revenue generator for the Town. It has not had enough of that revenue put back into it in the past to maintain it properly and it has been over stressed to generate even more revenue. We need to speak up and provide feedback ongoing.

Can we continue to send ideas?

Yes! Keep your thoughts and feedback coming!

How can we help?

Subscribe, spread the word, attend each Parks & Rec Commission Meeting and call/email to ask your RTM representative  to support the goals of the Friends of Compo Beach  


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