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Time to Approve Plans and Fees for Summer 2019!

The November 14 Parks & Recreation Commission Meeting included a detailed de-brief with the facts about Summer 2018.

Based on the feedback we at Friends of Compo Beach have received on this site and through our social sites, we believe the residents were heard and Parks & Rec successfully executed a plan that restored the quality of life conditions at Compo Beach - - eliminating traffic jams, eliminating parking issues for residents, improving conditions for showers and bathrooms and trash pick up, and reducing overcrowding. A safer, cleaner environment was restored.

Here are the statistics reported by the Commissioner:

Overall Beach Revenue was +3%, growing from $1,465,362 in 2017 to $1,509,611 in 2018.

Driving this increase was an increase in sales of  Westport resident emblems including senior emblems. There was a decline in fees from Weston which appears to be a decrease in the number of car emblems purchased per household.

Non-resident-Non-Weston emblems which had a large price increase AND were capped at 350 almost sold out at 335 sold at $775 per emblem.

Daily parking passes were capped at 100 per day and dropped from 8045 in 2017 to 4942 in 2018 for a decline of -$76,470 in revenue. However, much of this is also attributed to rainy weekend weather, and as noted earlier, total revenue for the season grew due to offsetting items like increased resident emblem sales.

Net, the town was able to improve conditions at Compo Beach and grow revenue at the same time.

At the November 14 meeting, Friends of Compo Beach thanked Parks & Rec for their efforts to deliver an improved summer 2018. We also noted the following resident feedback we have received, for continued improvements required for Summer 2019:

-  better, more consistent, police enforcement of the parking rules

-  better enforcement of rules like glass on the beach which pose a danger

- a common sense solution to rules for playing on the beach

- new, improved lockers 

- a shady sitting area in the playground and a second shade tree on South Beach

-less rocky sand

AND ABOVE ALL, to maintain the improvements achieved in Summer 2018!

In other news,

Work has begun already to install  the South Beach boardwalk. It will be ready for Summer 2019. 

The RTM voted 26-8 to approve construction of bathroom project on South Beach

Let's hear from you. As always, we will compile all of your feedback and present it to the town this Fall. Drop us a note and let us know what you thought of Summer 2018, and any thoughts you have for Summer 2019!

Please plan on attending the  December 19 meeting at 7:30pm if you feel strongly about any of the conditions or rules at the beach, or the 2019 proposed fees. Or email us your feedback with thoughts on this summer and how it is going so we can share them at the meeting. However, it is much more impactful if you appear in person to present your views.


1.We will continue to monitor the implementation of all of the planned improvements.

2. Email us with your photos, observations and  thoughts about the the conditions of Compo Beach this summer. 

3. Subscribe here and tell your friends

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5. We will keep collecting your comments and providing them anonymously to the Town

About Us


We Westport residents love Compo Beach!

Summer 2017 was one for the record books: record crowds, record traffic, record problems with garbage, bathrooms, bad behavior. We joined our voices and got the beach fixed for  Summer 2018, now we want to keep it the crown jewel of Westport. 

Our Goals

1. Maintain reasonable crowd sizes

2. Do not back up traffic to the beach

3. Ensure parking for residents

4. Enforce rules for public behavior and courtesy

5. Ensure services such as bathrooms, trash cans, and boat ramps are working and accessible

6. Maintain  a safe, clean, environmentally sound beach

Our Action Plan

1. Meet with town leaders to raise our concerns

2. Provide them with feedback on any of their solutions

3. Organize residents to keep up our activity until issues are fixed

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Friends of Compo Beach

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Is this a political site?

No. This is a  non partisan initiative.

Can Weston residents join?

Yes. Weston residents have had long standing Westport beach privileges. This group has not been created to change that.

Are comments private?

Yes, your comments and email address are known only to the site administrator. Feedback will be shared to the town anonymously. This email list will not be shared with anyone.

Was Summer 2018 the end of the Process?

No! Compo Beach is a big revenue generator for the Town. It has not had enough of that revenue put back into it in the past to maintain it properly and it has been over stressed to generate even more revenue. We need to speak up and provide feedback ongoing.

Can we continue to send ideas?

Yes! Keep your thoughts and feedback coming!

How can we help?

Subscribe, spread the word, attend each Parks & Rec Commission Meeting and call/email to ask your RTM representative  to support the goals of the Friends of Compo Beach  


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