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    MAY  16 Parks & Recreation Commission Meeting Summary

    Here's the news coming out of this month's meeting! 

    Emblem Sales are Way Up +2K!

    Weston sales are in line with last year.

    Out of town passes are almost sold out (311 out of 350 allocation).

    Westporters are driving sales up versus year ago.

    New Entrance- Work began the week of May 7 to move the entrance 300 feet into the beach in order to smooth the traffic flow on the roadway. The second lane and new turn around area are created, paved, and the utilities have been run to the site of the temporary guard shack.  Guard shack coming at the turnaround by Memorial Day.

    Improved Signage- Signs stating rules for behavior and for parking for emblem and day pass are due to be delivered Friday and installed by Memorial Day weekend.  A large sign will be installed on Compo Beach Road before the Beach instructing which lane to get into to enter, and a permanent sign at the entrance will replace the current sandwich board sign. 

    Beautiful New Pavilion Roof- So close to being done! Just needs to be stained - - waiting for a sunny day. Looks Great!  The back wall separating the pavilion from the lockers IS REINSTALLED. Due complete ASAP.

    Lockers- Have been power washed and spray painted. Maybe new locks were also put on? It's a stop gap sprucing up awaiting a real permanent solution to renovate them targeted for summer 2019.

    Bathrooms- Complete and look beautiful!

    Showers- Cleaned and replastered

    New Picnic Space for Rent by Joey's- Opened up next to the pavilion and has temporary tables set up. Call Parks and Rec for information on renting the space.


    Old Mill Parking- Seasonally restricting parking near Old Mill Beach to emblem holders has begun. Signs are posted. Tickets have been issued already for violators. 

    Soundview Lot- Has been regraded and lanscaped. New parking bumpers will be installed this week and it will be ready

    Gravel Lot- Has been designated the daily pass lot and has had lines painted accoundingly. It is already in use for day pass parking.  (Signs will be going up soon forbidding day pass parking in other areas, after which ticketing for violators will become enabled).

    New Compo Beach Manager- Has been hired and will be present at all peak times starting next week. Currently training staff on traffic flow management.

    BIG NEWS!!!!

    A Mobi-mat has been purchased  for East Beach to make the beach and water accessible for all abilities in time for Memorial Day!



    1.We will monitor the implementation of all of these planned improvements.

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    About Us


    We Westport residents love Compo Beach!

    But summer 2017 was one for the record books: record crowds, record traffic, record problems with garbage, bathrooms, bad behavior. We'd like a course correction and we are joining our voices to get this fixed by Summer 2018! 

    Our Goals

    1. Reduce the crowd sizes

    2. Fix the traffic problem

    3. Ensure parking for residents

    4. Enforce rules for public behavior and courtesy

    5. Ensure services such as boat ramps are accessible

    6. Restore a safe, clean, environmentally sound beach

    Our Action Plan

    1. Meet with town leaders to raise our concerns

    2. Provide them with feedback on any of their solutions

    3. Organize residents to keep up our activity until the situation is fixed

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    Is this a political site?

    No. This is a  non partisan initiative.

    Can Weston residents join?

    Yes. Weston residents have had long standing Westport beach privileges. This group has not been created to change that.

    Are comments private?

    Yes, your comments and email address are known only to the site administrator. Feedback will be shared to the town anonymously. This email list will not be shared with anyone.

    Was the November Election the end of the Process?

    No! We have a long journey to get all 6 of our goals met with initiatives, policy changes, and funding in the 2018 budget. 

    Can we continue to send ideas?

    Yes! Keep your thoughts and feedback coming!

    How can we help?

    Subscribe, spread the word, attend each Parks & Rec Commission Meeting and call/email to ask your RTM representative  to support the goals of the Friends of Compo Beach  


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