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1. Day Pass Sales

It was confirmed that Day Passes will be limited at 100 per day.

Please note:

There were 20 days last year that well exceeded 100 Day Pass sales.

Day Pass Holders will no longer be allowed to come and go; a Day Pass fee is for one entrance only

When one Day Pass holder leaves, a new pass will not be sold to replace that pass.

Day Pass Holders will be directed to and restricted to parking in the gravel lot near the trailer boats and kayaks with a Pass on their dashboard. Parking will be enforced.

2.  Events

Fewer events will be approved to take place at the beach overall.

Religious groups will continue to be able to hold events Mon-Sun

Business groups can hold events Mon-Thurs only

Event Parking for non-emblem holders will be reserved for up to 40 spaces in the gravel parking lot

A $50 (business) and $25 (non-profit) permit fee will be charged in addition to the current catering fee for event permits. No permit fees for Westport town/school entities

Permit holder must be present for the event

Tents will be limited to a maximum of two 10 x 10

3. New Shaded Picnic Space Being Added

A space with picnic tables with umbrellas between Joey's and the lockers is being added

This space can be rented for parties for up to 60 people with catering by Joey's only.

Residents can rent it any day of the week from 10-2 and 4-sundown for rates ranging from$30-$100

4. Traffic Control WIll Be Aided By Changing the Beach Entrance

Planning and Zoning has approved a plan to move the guard shack 300 feet into the beach, and to create two lanes of traffic into the beach by widening the driveway/beach entrance road.

This allows 12-15 additional cars to que up inside the park and not out on the road. 

A turnaround area will be created before the parking lots for those who need to exit the beach versus parking.

Please note, the current guard shack will be left in place and a temporary guard shack will be built as the Town assesses the results of this solution.

5. Drop offs

Last year saw an issue with excessive drop offs. The official drop off area is near the volleyball courts. WIth the added police staffing for the summer, this will be strictly enforced.

Other Updates

At the request of our readers we also asked for updates on signage, the gravel walkway near the marina, the pavillion roof, the bathrooms and the lockers:

-Signage regarding parking, rules and regulations through out the beach area will be improved for the season. The lot will be clearly marked for emblem vs day pass holders. A sign will be placed well up the road towards the Minuteman statue letting drivers know when the Day Pass lot has been filled

-Pavillion Roof was delayed by weather events but on track to be finished by mid-May

-Bathrooms- On target to be finished for May 1

-Gravel Path- No current plan but being looked at for refurbishment AFTER the South Beach walkway is finished in 2019 possibly to match it

-Lockers- No firm current plan, but being looked at, first estimates were too high, so back to the drawing board.

FINALLY, let your out of town friends know that as of 3/28, 236 out of 350 available out of town summer emblems have been sold already in case they are interested in buying one.



1.We have updated our Goal Tracker to reflect current progress. We will monitor the implementation of all of these planned improvements.

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About Us


We Westport residents love Compo Beach!

But summer 2017 was one for the record books: record crowds, record traffic, record problems with garbage, bathrooms, bad behavior. We'd like a course correction and we are joining our voices to get this fixed by Summer 2018! 

Our Goals

1. Reduce the crowd sizes

2. Fix the traffic problem

3. Ensure parking for residents

4. Enforce rules for public behavior and courtesy

5. Ensure services such as boat ramps are accessible

6. Restore a safe, clean, environmentally sound beach

Our Action Plan

1. Meet with town leaders to raise our concerns

2. Provide them with feedback on any of their solutions

3. Organize residents to keep up our activity until the situation is fixed

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Friends of Compo Beach

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Is this a political site?

No. This is a  non partisan initiative.

Can Weston residents join?

Yes. Weston residents have had long standing Westport beach privileges. This group has not been created to change that.

Are comments private?

Yes, your comments and email address are known only to the site administrator. Feedback will be shared to the town anonymously. This email list will not be shared with anyone.

Was the November Election the end of the Process?

No! We have a long journey to get all 6 of our goals met with initiatives, policy changes, and funding in the 2018 budget. 

Can we continue to send ideas?

Yes! Keep your thoughts and feedback coming!

How can we help?

Subscribe, spread the word, attend each Parks & Rec Commission Meeting and call/email to ask your RTM representative  to support the goals of the Friends of Compo Beach  


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