Goal Tracker

We Are Tracking Progress on 6 Goals


Westport Town Leaders will be held accountable to continue to ensure that enough of Compo Beach revenue is allocated to Compo Beach to maintain it as the crown jewel of Westport.


Status as of 9/20/18

-5 Proposals approved at 10/18/17 Parks & Rec Meeting

-Multiple Proposals approved at 12/20/17 Parks & Rec Meeting

-Pass Fees approved by Board of Selectmen February

-Parks & Rec Budget approved by Board of Finance 3/14/18 including improved services for Compo Beach

-Multiple Proposals Approved by Parks & Rec Commission at 3/28 /18 Meeting

-New entrance installed, new parking signage installed, Day and Out of Town parking sales capped, Day Pass lot designated, Trash services secured, Beach manager hired/started (by Memorial Day) 

-Success! Items implemented for Summer 2018 to be reviewed at 11/14/18 Parks & Recreation Meeting to determine next steps for 2019