• Goal Tracker

    We Are Tracking Progress on 6 Goals

    Westport Town Leaders will be held accountable to make proposals, secure funding and execute to fix Compo Beach for Summer 2018


    Status as of 5/28/18

    -5 Proposals approved at 10/18/17 Parks & Rec Meeting

    -Multiple Proposals approved at 12/20/17 Parks & Rec Meeting

    -Pass Fees approved by Board of Selectmen February

    -Parks & Rec Budget approved by Board of Finance 3/14/18 including improved services for Compo Beach

    -Multiple Proposals Approved by Parks & Rec Commission at 3/28 /18 Meeting

    -New entrance installed, new parking signage installed, Day and Out of Town parking sales capped, Day Pass lot designated, Trash services secured, Beach manager hired/started (by Memorial Day)